Get ready for future achievement by enrolling in a STEM education center.

Provide your child with top-tier STEM education.

  • Science
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Electricity & Electronics
  • Mathematics

Investing in the future

Stemtree’s unique concept, as well as its perspective on the remedial and enrichment education marketplaces, has prepared us to expand our franchise at a rapid pace. Our business model is structured to support the industry influx, allowing for new Stemtree franchisees to start generating returns more quickly.
These industries are expansive and constantly growing. That means it is the perfect moment to invest in a science franchise from Stemtree. As an investor, you are able to take advantage of the increased demand for STEM-based education by providing students with a fun and education learning environment.

Early franchisees are provided with an exclusive territory where they can make the most of the competitive advantage that will be open to them. We encourage you to sign up and act without delay, as open markets do not last long.

Franchisee Benefits

  • Highly structured K-12 science, coding, robotics, electricity & electronics, and math curricula
  • Combine remedial (tutoring) and enrichment program
  • Customized learning for all students in all programs
  • Combine both brick & mortar and home-based/mobile before & after school programs
  • Our experience in education, IT consulting, and franchising
  • 365 multi-revenue streams
  • An exclusive territory
  • State of the art technology platform
  • Options to run as operator-owner, semi-absentee, or fully absentee business
  • Marketing & Advertising Support
  • Training & On-going Support

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Stemtree is unique in that it offers franchisees a 365 potential revenue, meaning there is the potential for revenue all throughout the year from multiple streams. We combine brick and mortar operations with home-based operations by offering in-center programs, as well as out-center programs.
  • In-Center programs include after-school programs, both with and without pickup, camps, tutoring, and birthday parties. Out-center programs include after-school programs and camps, take place throughout the community at locations such as rec centers, churches, and schools. Our programs have the potential to be held year-round.
  • Offering multiple programs at multiple locations allows franchisees to expand their streams of revenue. Stemtree franchises can be run as operator-owner, semi-absentee, or fully absentee.

Stemtree Invests in its Franchisees

Stemtree was founded on the idea that nothing is more important than enriching the lives of others, and we want to extend that service to our franchisees. Stemtree looks for franchisees who are prepared to make a full-time commitment, enjoy working with children, want to contribute to the STEM community, are eager to make a positive impact in future generation. Having a background in STEM field, Sales, Business, and Marketing or working with children is a plus.

Stemtree offers comprehensive training programs and on-going support for all our franchisees to help grow their business. Our training programs are thorough and will give you all the tools necessary for running a successful Stemtree franchise. Our training starts prior to opening your location and we also offer field training to observe operations and practices of various activities of the business at an actual location.