See Valuable Returns by Joining Our
Children’s Education Franchise

STEM Education
Enrich the lives of young people with STEM education with Stemtree, and you could see valuable returns. Our children education franchise has a strong potential ROI thanks to its reasonable overhead cost and low startup fees. Furthermore, you’ll be investing in the future of local children and, through them, all of us.

While we cannot guarantee any level of profitability, you can review our franchise locations nationwide to see examples of success with our education center model. In fact, with a large margin for error, a franchisee can be much less effective than we would project and still have a successful business. Contact us to learn more about our STEM education franchise and how you can take part.

Supporting Your Vision

When your learners succeed, so does your center. And when your center succeeds, so do we. That’s why we provide comprehensive franchisee training and support for all our members.

Before you open your education center, we provide you with extensive training to prepare you for running your center and building effective programs. When you first open your doors, we will help you market your location in your local area and assist with startup operations. We also continue your training at different times throughout the year to ensure you are up to date on any changes to rules or guidelines. This ongoing support helps your children’s education franchise keep growing in a positive direction. For further details about our support and training, contact us.